Reconditioning Batteries For The Environment

If you are looking for a way to make some extra money each month and would at the same time like to help clean up the environment, you may want to look at reconditioning batteries. The number of online businesses continue to grow at an amazing rate and people in specific niche sectors are managing to make good money every day. If you have the proper knowledge, one such profitable niche may well be to find cheap batteries on auction, recondition them and sell them for a tidy profit.

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The number of cordless devices that use rechargeable batteries has exploded, but this has created a big environmental problem as millions of batteries are disposed of every year. There is however a simple technique available that can easily be used to take a defunct cell and create a fresh new battery from it. It is much more convenient to use devices that are powered by batteries, especially rechargeable ones, as these provide the user with mobility without having to be tethered to an electrical cord and a power outlet. Using devices with rechargeable batteries does however have its own pitfalls.

Although rechargeable batteries have a much longer lifespan than normal batteries do, it is still limited and they don’t last forever. After a specific number of charges, the batteries will no longer be chargeable and it is even possible that the charger will burn out. The challenge is to take this information and turn it into an income opportunity by taking old batteries and recycling them.

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Smart chargers have been designed to solve the problem of the charger burning out after a number of charges. These smart chargers can be used to charge as many batteries as you want and the device will simply continue to work. One reason many batteries ultimately get burned out and that this subsequently damages the charger, is because charging operation carries on even after the battery has been fully charged. Smart chargers will stop charging once the battery has been charged.

To do any job properly and to ensure that the operations are done safely, it is crucial to first gain the required knowledge. The other major factor that will determine whether you’ll be successful in your battery reconditioning business or not, is to use the proper equipment.

Some of the equipment you will need include a computerized battery analyzer as well as a slow battery tester, also known as a slow tester. To give old batteries a quick, twenty-minute jolt, you will also need a thirty amp quick charger. Other equipment needed include a battery hydrometer, a battery load tester, and test cables. As personal protective equipment (PPE) is also a requirement for this kind of work, you will need eye and face protection (goggles and mask) as well as protective clothing. Using a ventilated, well-lit work area will ensure that you don’t potentially introduce additional hazards.

Renewable energy is a major driving force in the economy nowadays. Not only is conservation good for the environment, but it is also in high demand as a cost saving measure for any company that uses energy continuously. Almost all companies use energy to some degree, even if it is simply by using batteries in their cell phones. These are good reasons why reconditioning batteries may be such a great side business, or could even become a permanent one.

Getting a potential pool of customers is simply a matter of targeted advertising and marketing. Contact multiple companies about your service to determine what they need and then find a way to get it to them more efficiently and cheaper. Companies operate well when running at the most affordable level. If you can find ways to save companies money and time, it can result in a demand for any type of service. Reconditioning batteries is a relatively easy way to do this, providing you have the right equipment, training and knowledge.

Dead Simple Trick Brings Any Battery Back To Life

Dead Simple Trick Brings Any Battery Back To Life (Never Buy Batteries Again)

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“Very Easy To Follow”

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I've Saved Over $400 On Batteries!

“I’ve Saved Over $400 On Batteries!”

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