Easy Techniques to Improve Battery Life

Batteries have a limited lifespan and will inevitably fail at some stage when they have been used for a longer period. When people work with batteries, one of the most common frustrations experienced is premature battery failure.

It seems logical to think that turning a device off will extend its battery life, but the reality is in fact the opposite. When devices start-up, they consume the most power, so turning them off is not a good idea if they’re going to often be turned on again.

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Portable Electronic Devices

To increase the battery life for laptops, cell phones, iPods, etc. lower the brightness when it is not needed. When these devices are for example used in a dark room, you don’t need the brightness to be set to 100%. The brightness can be lowered to such a degree that it is still possible to see the screen comfortably without having to exert any strain on your eyes.

Another tip for increasing battery life is to reduce the amount of time the backlight stays on. For an iPod for example, the backlight does not have to stay on for 10 seconds, as 2 seconds is normally more than sufficient. Set your laptop to automatically go into hibernation mode when it is not used.

Another important battery saving setting that most people are not aware of is to turn down the volume. Using headphones that are louder will allow you to set the volume at 50%, or even lower.

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A huge amount of power is often consumed by background applications and these are often switched on by default, whether they are used or not. Stop every background application that you don’t use regularly. Defragmenting your laptop’s hard drive periodically will help to decrease file scatter on the drive, and this will in turn result in less power being used when accessing files. Setting the laptop to go into standby mode after a shorter period of inactivity will also conserve your battery life. Although resuming operations from standby mode also uses some power, this is not as much as what starting up does. It is interesting to note that leaving a DVD or CD in the drive permanently can also decrease battery life. This is due to the drive hogging power when it spins up.

Cars and Other Vehicles

A car battery should be protected from high temperatures under the hood by using a heat shield or a case. The car’s battery life can also be extended by keeping it charged at all times. Make sure you frequently check electrolyte levels, especially during the hot months. A recent study showed that a car battery’s life could be increased by nearly eight months if it is relocated outside the engine compartment.

There are many car manufacturers that have started to relocate the vehicle’s starting battery to the trunk or the passenger compartment to avoid the high temperatures under the hood. It is also helpful to use cells that do not generate gas while they are being recharged or wet batteries that are vented to the outside while charging. Depending on the driving style of each individual, some car batteries are undercharged and this could in turn lead to sulfation. Sulfation is a process where lead sulfate accumulates and this reduces the battery’s capacity. To prevent this, an external battery or battery charger can be used to charge the car’s battery properly.

The most important factor to consider for any vehicle battery is temperature. A battery’s life can be extended by ensuring it is not exposed to excessive heat. It makes sense that chemical reactions speed up if the temperature increases. This will result in electrolyte levels having to be topped up with demineralized or deionized water more often. Rainwater is however a good substitute in cases of emergency. Apart from controlling the temperature, battery service life can be improved significantly by reducing the number of charge / discharge cycles. Especially in extremely cold climates, car batteries need to be kept fully charged continuously when not in use.

Wi-Fi Applications

When using Wi-Fi apps, battery life can be prolonged either by reducing the Wi-Fi product’s power consumption or by increasing the device’s battery capacity, and through control settings. Although it is relatively easy to increase battery capacity, this could lead to an increase in size and cost of the battery due to technological limits. This brings us to the option to reduce power consumption. This can be done easily by lengthening the standby time and shortening the active cycle’s time. The WiFi on an iPod or other device can also be turned off when it is not in use as it consumes a large amount of battery power and thus shortens the battery’s life.

These methods and techniques used to lower power consumption can improve a battery’s life dramatically. Most of these are common sense and should be made part of your daily life.

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